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Salto BASE - Icono web gratuito

Este icono Salto BASE es parte de un pack de iconos de 88,300 iconos web. Los iconos están disponibles en formato PNG, SVG, CSS, PDF, EPS, como fuente, y en otros formatos vectoriales. A diferencia de otros packs de iconos, nuestros iconos web están diseñados por el mismo equipo de diseñadores que trabajan a tiempo completo, garantizando un estilo y calidad consistentes.
Salto BASE icon

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Idea de icono Salto BASE por Andreas

Hemos recibido la idea de October 10, 2012 y creó los iconos de January 07, 2013

skydiving, basejumping, dropzone, gear, canopy

Thank you guys for completing this work for me :) . I was planning to use these icons in a free WP app but unfortunately I need these icons in 48x48 size and thinking of using the vector images but these are not provided any more in the free version. Although it is possible to extract a XAML vector representation of these icons with some software tools this is not allowed according to your license so not an option for me. I haven't planned a budget for this project so I won't buy a license for the time being. Thanks again for these unique icon sets!!!