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This is two triangles going opposite ways that intersect but just instead of stopping go straight through one another. One overlaps it in a different length, to make the illusion of depth. It's three sides for a triangle, all lines that interject and come together in a diagnel pattern.

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Idea de icono Estrella de David por Kai Lautenschläger

Hemos recibido la idea el January 19, 2013 y creó los iconos el January 14, 2015

For cultic objects in judaism
Star of David, Menorah, Chanukkiah, Mesusa, Shofar, Lulaw, Torah scroll, pointer for reading the Torah (called yad), Kippa or head with kippa, Synagogue, Dawn, Sundown, Milky (as in rules for pureness of food), meaty (see above), parve (non of the above), pomegranate, two candle holders (as symbol for Shabbath), Tefillin (Prayer boxes for hand and head), woven candle (symbol for end of Shabbath), goblet Tallit (Prayer scarf)

What Joseph sayz :)
Kai Lautenschläger
Chanukkiah, Torah scroll and Star of David is done already. "Milky" can be symbolized by the milk bottle in the food icons.
Joseph LaMere
Can you make them universal like book, hands folded, cross type icons that work for many religions?