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小 握手心型 图标

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Los iconos relacionados son aquellos con etiquetas similares, así como todos los iconos imprimir . Todos los iconos tienen el mismo estilo plano. Puedes descargar iconos PNG de forma gratuita o comprar vectores SVG
Idea de icono Imprimir
The icon is a stylized printer. It is composed of three different sized rectangles stacked above each other. The bottom one represents the paper, the middle one represents the printer itself, and the top one represents a sheet of paper being inserted into the printer. The bottom paper has horizontal lines running across it to represent printed words.
Hemos creado este icono en estilo iOS , introducido en iOS versión 7 y compatible con todas las versiones posteriores hasta la fecha (al menos iOS 11). Este estilo se basa en líneas delgadas de dos píxeles y está optimizado para 50x50 px. A diferencia de otros paquetes de iconos planos que tienen apenas unos cientos de iconos, este contiene 13,300 iconos, todos en el mismo estilo y calidad.

Idea de icono Imprimir por Bobby Carrot

Hemos recibido la idea de December 12, 2011 y creó los iconos de January 31, 2012

phone tool box printer planner plasmagic network wired password video projector

What does "plasmagic" mean?

Historia del icono Imprimir

Once upon a time, a hacker broke into my computer and deleted my printer icon, leaving me with no choice but to go over to a friend’s house, who was right across the street, and print my documents from there. But I soon found out that the hacker broke into all of the households, corporate, and government networks in the country and deleted the printer icon from their computers too.

It left me, my friend, the country, and anyone else with any computer skills with no choice but to go online and download a new printer icon to continue our independent goals of printing words and symbols on blank pieces of paper.

Thankfully, these free downloadable icons are compatible with:To wrap it all up, anyone with Windows XP and 95 was out of luck, so they had to go over to a tech savvy relative’s house and use their printer, but everyone was saved(except old people that didn’t have tech savvy relatives).

As for the hacker? It turned out he was an ex-Microsoft employee who helped program the Windows operating system. But let's just say he’ll be cleaning windows from now on in a prison courtyard instead of programming them.                                                                                                                     

Usage of the Print Icon

It was a slow, quiet day at the office. The sun was shining brightly, and the desks were at peace. Clean, fresh sheets of paper slept soundly inside drawers. So far, no signs of paper work at bay. But just when everything was going well, a print icon barged into an otherwise excellent day. It came like a freight train roaring into a serene meadow. The sheets of paper were startled. Little did they know, it was the beginning of the end. Day by day, stacks of paper were chewed and spit out by a depraved robot. Every time that the print icon was clicked, a family of paper died. Not long after, the paper count dropped to zero, but the print icon went on to continue what it started. Indeed, from then on, nothing was ever the same in the land of office supplies.

The office police are now in search of the notorious print icon. Paste its police sketch onto your office walls to help find justice for the fallen sheets of paper. Here is how the print icon looks like:
Print icon
This culprit comes in two variations:
  • 3D Printer icon
  • Open door printer icon
Print icons
The same punishment shall be given to the print icon’s main partner-in-crime.
print icon
Be wary, the print icon shares the same blood with these symbols:
  • Printed OCR
  • Fine print
  • Printer maintenance

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