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Icono Mac OS en estilo plano

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Los iconos relacionados son aquellos con etiquetas similares, así como todos los iconos sistemas operativos . Todos los iconos tienen el mismo estilo plano. Puedes descargar iconos PNG de forma gratuita o comprar vectores SVG
Este icono de Mac OS se hace en estilo de color plano. Este formato fue desarrollado por el equipo de diseñadores de Icons8 y se hizo inmensamente popular en el uso de aplicaciones web y móviles. No dudes en descargar este icono gratis en formato PNG, u en otros formatos por $5. A diferencia de otros paquetes de iconos que tienen apenas cientos de iconos, este pack de iconos gigantesco contiene los iconos de 5,800, todos con el mismo estilo y calidad.

Idea de icono Mac OS por Gregor Cieslak

Hemos recibido la idea de May 22, 2012 y creó los iconos de June 02, 2012

Icons for: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Haiku, DOS, Unix, OS/2, BeOS

Gregor Cieslak
Ivan Boyko
guys, seriously, who needs BeOS and OS/2?

Historia del icono Mac OS

By now, we all know that Apple, matter-of-factly, has powers beyond that of a fruit. Apple has successfully infiltrated our lives, and has “forced” us to buy things we don’t need at least a hundred times. Apple has sold more than a billion iPhones, and continues to dole out more than our collective pockets could possibly handle.

The first Apple logo was the Newton Crest, which painted Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, with a glowing apple that seemed about to fall right on his head. Designed by Ronald Wayne in 1976, it had a border that read, “Newton… A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone,” with the company’s initial name Apple Computer Co. etched in a ribbon wrapped around the crest.

For obvious reasons, that weird logo only lasted a year. It was replaced by the Rainbow Logo, which debuted the bitten apple in rainbow colors. To dispel any BS suggestions of the logo’s meaning, graphic designer Rob Janoff had said that the bite in the Apple logo is there for people not to mistake it as a tomato. Additionally, Janoff decided to put green at the top to match the location of the leaf. 

apple icon

By 1998, the multi-colored logo was axed to make way for the monochrome one—the symbol we see emblazoned on all Apple products today. 

apple logo

The following Apple products also have their own icons:
  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone
  • iMac
  • Apple TV
apple products icon

Use the Apple logo anywhere you wish—on notebooks, walls, shirts, or even on Android products.

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