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Ícone de Calcinhas para mulheres pretas grátis

Iconos de Contactos en Otros Estilos
Contactos icon
Contactos icon
Contactos icon
iOS Glyph
Contactos icon
Material lleno
Contactos icon
Material Delineado
Contactos icon
Iconos Material Redondeados
Contactos icon
Material Dos Tonos
Contactos icon
Material Agudo
Contactos icon
En color
Contactos icon
Windows 10
Contactos icon
Contactos icon
Lindo Contorno
Contactos icon
Lindo color
Contactos icon
UI azul
Contactos icon
Línea de puntos
Contactos icon
Línea de gradiente
Contactos icon
Simples pequeños
Contactos icon
Ice Cream
Contactos icon
Windows Metro
Contactos icon
Contactos icon
Burbujas circulares
Contactos icon
Dibujados a Mano a Color
Contactos icon
Dibujados a mano
Los iconos relacionados son aquellos con etiquetas similares, así como todos los iconos popular icons . Todos los iconos tienen el mismo estilo plano. Puedes descargar iconos PNG de forma gratuita o comprar vectores SVG
Idea de icono Contactos
The icon is of a gender-less human face and upper torso. The gender-less human is also wearing a shirt. It could be thought to resemble a two dimensional bobble head.
Esta página contiene el icono vectorial Contactos, así como sus versiones en diferentes estilos visuales y los iconos relacionados. Todos los iconos están el estilo vectorial plano, aunque con diferente grosor de línea, relleno y radio de esquina.

Idea de icono Contactos por Ivan from Icons8

Hemos recibido la idea de December 24, 2011 y creó los iconos de January 22, 2012

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Historia del icono Contactos

You might think with a desk littered with expired cartons of milk, half-eaten bags of Doritos, and cigarette burns, that I’m a loser who never leaves his room, let alone his parents’ house.
Well, you guessed right. But I’m a loser on a mission. A mission to find and download a free icon pack with an illustration of a person.

To give you a better picture, last month on my Android phone, my Contacts list (my mom and dad), along with the contacts icon, mysteriously vanished—after I finished visiting a new porn site.
I was devastated. I had no way of knowing who was calling me.

Needless to say, after doing some research on the information super-highway we call the internet, I finally found a free downloadable icon pack with icons that look just like people (something I really lack in my life).

These icon packs were compatible with:Mine was Android 4, so I quickly downloaded it and my life was soon back to normal (almost).

Learning from my mistakes, I no longer surf porn websites that are unfamiliar. But I do happen to have still a desk littered with expired cartons of milk, half-eaten bags of Doritos, and cigarette burns. Yeah, I’m still a loser, but at least I completed my mission.

Usage of Contacts Icon

Forming strong connections has always been one of the core principles of being successful. With technology evolving at a tremendous speed, it’s never been easier to reach out to other people, no matter what they doing, and no matter where they are. Now, with just the click of a mouse or a touch of a screen, you can keep updated with people around the world.

All this is possible by storing, recording, and collecting contacts.

contact icons

Contacts icons in the digital world are often represented by their real world counterparts, the people that represent the information, or even a combination of both. Examples include:
  • Contact cards
  • Address books
  • Profiles

The act of contacting can also refer to deliveries, customer assistance, and general help:

For any of these, we provide a vast array of contact icons to choose from. But what’s crucial about contacts is that they give you a way to keep in touch -- and those ways are represented by icons as well! Any of these methods need the power of contacts to become effective:

We offer numerous variations for many contacts related apps, services, and functions:

With the right icons, making your website or app’s design sophisticated can become a simple and productive task!

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