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Los iconos relacionados son aquellos con etiquetas similares, así como todos los iconos popular icons . Todos los iconos tienen el mismo estilo plano. Puedes descargar iconos PNG de forma gratuita o comprar vectores SVG
Este es un icono Documento. Está disponible en PNG y vector. La descarga es gratuita para PNG de hasta 100 x 100 pixeles.

Idea de icono Documento por Bastien Chételat

Hemos recibido la idea de November 15, 2012 y creó los iconos de December 15, 2012

A small set of icons for generic file types like audio, video, image and document. There's already office filetype icons & some other filetypes (zip, pdf, gif,...) but nothing more generic.

Historia del icono Documento

Submitting a document that has nothing written on it to your boss can be the hardest thing you could do, but technology has made that process a little easier. Our simple, downloadable design allows you to send your boss exactly what you intend to send him, nothing, just a free icon with no link. And, although your boss might admire the fact that you embrace the digital age, you might get fired.

You could also send or show these blank documents to your:  
  • College professors—until they fail you, and you end up wasting your tuition money.
  • Potential employers—Of course, they'll realize that a cover letter and resume doesn't usually look like a 2X2 printed icon.
  • Parents—Just tell them that these are the new report cards, they'll never know what your grades were like for this quarter!
Remember, if the person you're showing it to asks you where you got that, don't say Icons8, we will deny everything.

Usage of Document Icon

The world is as productive as ever. We have more ways to do work than before -- and with computing devices getting more powerful, it’ll only get better in the long run. But nothing beats the lowly but rock sturdy document as one of the cornerstones of the workplace. Made as a container for information, documents can take on various forms and roles in the digital era.

And now, you can choose from our wide variety of document icons to make your app the best it can be! Select from well-designed document icons that suit your needs:
  • Simple
  • Flat
  • Black and white
  • Colored

Document icon

We also have contextual icons for documents, such as:
  • Multiple documents
  • Document folders
  • General files
  • Opening documents
  • Page overviews

As you’d expect, we have these document icons in several, clean and crisp styles as well:

document icons

Documents wouldn’t be complete without icons for specific applications, such as:
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF files
  • PSD Files

Be your own document master with our icon selection today!

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