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Para principiantes
  • Iconos rasterizados de baja resolución
  • Ilustraciones rasterizados de baja resolución
  • Fotos de baja resolución
  • Generador de texto
  • Generador de avatar
  • Sin herramientas IA
  • Requiere enlace a Icons8. Más acerca de la atribución
  • Limitado a 10 documentos en la nuve
  • Historial de 30 días
  • Almacenamiento de 30 días para documentos eliminados


Para diseñadores individuales y equipos
por usuario/mes
facturado anualmente
  • Iconos vectoriales editables
  • Ilustraciones editables vectoriales
  • Fotos de estudio de calidad
  • Generador de texto
  • Generador de Avatares
  • Mejora imágenes con IA
  • Elimina fondos con IA
  • No requiere atribución ni backlink
  • Documentos en la nube ilimitados
  • Historial de versiones ilimitado
  • Almacenamiento infinito de documentos eliminados


Para empresas con grandes equipos
Custom price
  • Plan adaptado a tus necesidades
  • Control de acceso granular
  • Desarrollo de funciones prioritarias
  • Gestór de éxito del cliente dedicado
  • Soporte prioritario 24/7
  • Private cloud
    (self-hosted or VPS)
  • Bunker mode

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Lunacy for free?
Sure. Lunacy provides an extensive free plan, so you can try all the features before deciding to switch to a paid plan.
How can I add more members to my team?
In Lunacy, open the Home tab, then select the team you want to add members to and click Upgrade Plan. You’ll see a screen offering you to buy extra seats.
What are the payment options?
If you are using a Windows Store or App Store version, you’ll pay through the store. For the version downloaded from our website, we generally use Stripe for payments. However, PayPal is also possible. If you need more flexibility in payment methods or terms, consider our Enterprise plan. Please contact us to discuss the details.
On which operating systems can I use Lunacy?
Windows, macOS, and Linux. Lunacy has native apps for all the popular operating systems.
Do you offer non-profit and educational discounts?
Yes, we can provide discounts for nonprofits and students. Please contact us to obtain a discount.
Do you have offers for open-source projects?
Yes. We have special offers for open-source projects. Write to us to discuss the details.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. If you are using a Windows Store or App Store version, you can cancel your subscription through the store. If you downloaded Lunacy from our website, cancel your subscription through your Icons8 account.
What is your refund policy?
We generally do not provide refunds, as you can test Lunacy for free before purchasing.

Have other questions?

Contact us here so we can help.